Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked

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  • For the main character you'll probably want to get all attributes up a little before you focus on something because skills have stat requirements.
  • Always Skill Crack as many skills as possible when you gain the ability to do so, even if the character doing the cracking can't learn the ability you still learn it permanently and can assign it to someone else afterwards. Especially keep an eye out for Auto Skills as they're often the rarest.
  • Free Battles don't consume time and can be freely escaped from at any point, even if you don't have a need to grind levels they're still very useful for Skill Cracking the generic demons, allowing you to better focus on the rarer skills that appear in one-time story battles.
  • When using the Demon Auction, try to avoid 1 and 2-star demons as they have lowered stats and fewer skills learned, making them bad for Fusion. 4 and 5-star demons tend to be what you should go for if possible.
  • When fusing demons, make use of the "Search" menu a lot as it'll display demons that you're potentially able to fuse, including ones you've never seen and ones you're too low level for. It'll also show all the potential combinations that can be used to create a particular demon. Super useful.
  • As per SMT tradition, it's good to focus on having as many different skills as possible in your group. When fusing demons you can decide which skills they inherit, so most of the time you should inherit skills nobody else has while leaving duplicates behind (unless it's a particularly powerful skill).
  • It's not possible to see every event in the game in one playthrough and whose events you go for and what you say have an impact on the story and the fates of the characters. It's better to focus on someone rather than trying to please everyone.