Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey

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  • The stat build that your Demonica picks doesn't really matter, as far as I've seen. Magic is a little more useful, but your demons can easily fill in any gaps.
  • As with any SMT game, pay attention to status effects. Charm and Stone are hilarious to use with weapon skills and can make mincemeat out of random encounters.
  • Once you grab Enemy Search about halfway through Sector Bootes, you can snag formas worth a cool 3,000 macca. This makes it a good time to really start experimenting with fusion from the Compendium.
  • Go for the Neutral ending first. Both Law and Chaos skip some content, although Law skips less.
    Plus, Law/Chaos makes you fight Commander Gore, who will murder even a prepared party about a dozen times over.
  • Kill anything with Macca Beam first. No exceptions.
  • For Demon Co-Op, go big or go home. A full team of four matched demons can do big damage, but if it leaves gaps in your skill sets, just go for wider coverage instead and don't worry about it.
  • Demon Sources don't carry over to a New Game+. Use them up before the final battle, since NG+ resets the chances of getting them.
  • Use those Life Stones and Revival Beads! If you're healing each time you hit a heal spot, it's ridiculously easy to rack up 99 of each by Sector C or D.
  • Sector C has a Jack Frost standing around one floor down from where you start. DO NOT MISS HIM; his side mission gives you one of the best guns in the game.
  • If you're getting your ass whipped by an enemy group repeatedly, try grabbing one of its members into your stock and then talking to that demon when it pops up in battle. Not only is this more reliable than running, you have a shot at getting cash, items, or a heal.
  • When you get to Bootes, make it your top priority to grab a couple of Beast Hooves from Katakirauwas (the floating pigs) and some DF Bootite. You WILL need to null Curse for the sector, because half the enemies know Mudo.
  • Speaking of armor, never ever ever equip anything that causes a weakness to Expel. You naturally pack immunity to it, and free immunity to an instant-death element is never worth whatever the armor grants.