Sid Meier's Civilization VI

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  • Amenities replace global happiness but still operates under a lot of the same rules. A single luxury resource gives 4 amenities that get divided up among your cities with the amenities going to whichever city needs it most. Multiple copes of a luxury resource don't give any more amenities and should be traded away.
  • Warmonger penalties are gradual with there being none in the ancient era. By the Industrial era warmonger penalties are pretty severe. Since there is no penalty for war in the ancient era and cities don't range attack without walls you want to take over your neighbors when you have about 2 warriors and 2 archers, preferably 3.
  • Internal trade routes are crazy good. Production is what matters in this game and trade route cap is based off of a few things but can get ridiculous at the end. Its not unheard of to have over 30 trade routes by game end. If you find Carthage you can get that number over 50.