Silent Storm

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  • It's more fun to play through the game with one character rather than a full squad. Or if that's too hard on your first time through, play with only two or three characters.
  • The Axis campaign is a little bit harder than the Allied one, especially if you're soloing it.
  • Don't let enemies with heavy machine guns get anywhere near your characters. If you can't kill them in one turn when they're close, you're dead.
  • Enemies have no way of getting through doors rigged with explosives. Use this to your advantage if you're surrounded and need to run inside a building for cover.
  • Take advantage of the destructable environments. Hear an enemy above you? Shoot them through the floor with a machine gun. Several enemies on the other side of a door? Blow them away with a heavy grenade. Don't want to enter a building through the front door? Fire a rocket at a wall to make your own entrance. It's useful AND fun.
  • If you hate the idea of mechs (Panzerkleins) and energy weapons in your WW2 game, there's a mod called NoPKs to remove them.