Sniper Elite 5

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  • Keep an eye out for Crowbars, Bolt Cutters, and Satchel Charges. They can help achieve objectives, open alternate paths, and open item caches. Crowbars and Bolt Cutters have unlimited uses in the mission where you find them.
  • When aiming down the sights, enemies with exclamation points over their heads will hear your shot.
  • Flare guns are rare and can be used to call down artillery bombardments over a small area.
  • After tagging an enemy with the binoculars, keep your aim on them for another second or two to reveal what they are carrying. This can reveal items like collectibles, intel, and mission items such as keys.
  • There are optional objectives in missions, but you have to find out what they are. Getting near them on the map, finding intel, or eavesdropping on conversations can unlock them.