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  • If you take the upper path in Green Hill Act 2, at one point near the end of the level you will slide under two overhangs and do a short hop over a puddle of purple goo, then bounce on a spring up to a wooden bridge with two Buzzbombers. You can break through this bridge with a stomp to enter the level's lower path, which is actually faster in this particular section than the upper path. This is the only time in the entire game where this is the case and it is required for getting a Steam achievement.
  • The final boss is an unintuitive piece of shit. Never stop boosting, it is the only way to catch up with him. Switch to Classic Sonic if you need rings, they're way easier to collect with him. You can throw the Sonic you're not currently using as a projectile, and he will home in on the boss's projectiles and destroy them. If the boss looks like he is charging up a giant fuckoff laser beam, switch Sonics and he will miss. Mute your volume or learn to tune out Sonic's companions, they are completely unhelpful and obnoxious during this fight.