Soul Hackers 2

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  • Stay away from the Fandom wiki. It's filled with unmarked spoilers. There are often major endgame spoilers at the top of a page.
  • Always make sure you have a meal's effect active. Your current effect ends the moment you exit a dungeon. Get in the habit of immediately heading to the safehouse to eat after you leave any dungeon.
  • Keep up to date on your demon fusions. (I forget what Soul Hackers calls them but it's the exact same system as Persona, just with a different name.) Any time you level up, see what new fusions you can make. Don't get attached to any particular demon; their effectiveness quickly falls off compared to higher level demons.
  • Try to keep your "bonding" points fairly even across your party. Your progress through a party member's Soul Dungeon is gated partly by these points, and you don't want your party members to be unevenly developed.
  • Sabbath damage is the key to pretty much every battle; every other type of damage you can do is trivial in comparison. So prioritize how to maximize Sabbath damage:
  • Always hit an enemy's weakness even if that means you have to use a weak attack; the Sabbath point from hitting the weakness will make up for it.
  • Choose skills that buff Sabbath damage in some way, like a skill that gives you a Sabbath point even if you don't hit a weakness or a skill that gives you multiple Sabbath points when you do hit a weakness. Get as many of these skills as you can on every single character.
  • Get Ringo's Commander skills to change demons mid-battle so that you're better able to hit weaknesses and get Sabbath points.
  • Ringo can still perform Sabbath if she's KO'd. But you can't use any of her Commander skills while she's KO'd
  • Keep demon slots open in order to be able to recruit new demons you come across, but not too many. No more than two or three. The reason for this is that the number of Sabbath points you can earn per round is capped at the current number of demons you have. Lower Sabbath cap = longer battles.