Soul Nomad and the World Eaters

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  • First of all, there's fairly comprehensive help given in the game itself.
  • Don't inspect immediately after you earn the ability to. Wait a little. This is especially true if you wish to actually upgrade the room by killing the boss. Sentries and Tyrants are far more powerful than their minions.
  • Equipped Decor is not used up in Inspection fights.
  • The main character ALWAYS counts as Male for the purposes of decor and attack/defence matchups.
  • Always carry a cleric in the back row. ALWAYS. It's practically mandatory. Clerics make a bad group good, and a good force practically unstoppable.
  • Your shops restock after every battle(inspection or plot), or if you defeat the guys running the place(Use a Fight Edict).
  • The various Fight Edicts give a boost to your stats when used. They can be used in-battle, too. Sometimes it can make all the difference...
  • Hold Hands doesn't care who you use it on. Drag an enemy towards a more capable ally, away from someone in need, move an ally into position...
  • Be sure to stick around for New Game +, in which you're given a new choice, which sets you on the Demon Path. It's a what if... story that is incredibly ridiculous and worth seeing. Scratch that, the entire game is incredibly ridiculous and worth seeing.
  • Don't worry about using decorations they're plentiful and cheap. However making good use of them requires some effort to scout out every map before hand. Except for maybe the last few maps in the Demon Path.
  • Try to keep at least one unit lead by each class(ranged/magic/melee) of character. And pay attention to the match ups. Your hero's will always get stomped by gypsies.
  • Every room needs a healer, in the back row. Speaking of which pay attention to the attacks each person gets. Hitting more people usually results in weaker attacks. But the batle AI is stupid and attacks inefficiently, so better coverage usually works out to your advantage.
  • Always use a tactical move if you can't attack. Start with the one that increases ACT (which influences movement range and turn frequency). ACT can be permanently raised by doing room inspections. Range is also worth increasing.
  • Don't be afraid change rooms, you can usually get a better one.
  • The Home Room. Even after the random selection of the room changing system for all the other room, the hero's room can be selected via the Home Room menu. These rooms always start with 5 unit slots and upgrades made to them are never lost. This makes the hero's room the most useful short and long term. This is why they cost so much.
  • On that note, note that using only one room is very viable for most of the game (save for one specific opponent), provided you carry enough healing items(This is less of a problem than it sounds).
  • NIS game, expect grind. Not as much as you might expect, though. The most dangerous opponent is 2000. As ever, it's not easy to start the treadmill but once it gets going it gets easier to deal with.
  • Mass attacks or attacks with odd effects tend to get penalised in damage. You can counter this with the items that give you stats on level-up.
  • Every level you get for a stat-buff skill or debuff skill increases the length of time it lasts. As such, use them often even if you don't need to. You'll be glad of it later.

For Completionists

You'll need at least 5 playthroughs of varying length(2 'full', three cut out early) to see the major routes/get all characters, not counting the relationship-based endings of Normal Mode). Two of these require store-bought items that only show after a NewGame+.

As such, if you were being painfully efficient about it:

Take an early obvious bad ending when the choice occurs. That's 1.

2, Normal playthrough(At the start of the game, take the TOP choice), making sure to buy Secret Path 1. It's stupidly expensive, I know. You don't need it in your active inventory-you can keep it in the warehouse. Secret Path 2 will show up. You don't need it as yet, but keep it in mind. There'll be a choice that says it's a Bad End but isn't. You'll get a secret character from it who would fit just fine in terms of levels if you were playing normally, if it weren't for the money grinding jacking your levels into the stratosphere.

3, Demon Path(At the start, take the BOTTOM choice, and 'follow through'). There's two endings here right at the end for winning or losing-just keep a file here if you want to see both when you like.

4, Kill an early-appearing super-boss(The same one that got you the bad ending the first time. This will trigger a even more super-boss. The character you get from this can be earned multiple times, if you'd like.

5, Normal Path, you'll need the character earned from Secret Path 1. You'll also need Secret Path 2. Relatively mid-late game, you'll be able to press the question of 'Median' where previously you couldn't. You'll want to be at your best for this, as it's the super-boss of super-bosses for this game. There's two endings here: for if you win or lose.