South Park: The Fractured but Whole

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  • Status effects last a certain number of turns; you can't stack Bleeding up to five times, as opposed to Stick of Truth.
  • You can switch powers around freely between any class you choose. You can talk to the Coon to change your class.
  • The combat system is now grid based, so make sure you have at least one power with some range to it. Items are also restricted to a certain area around your character & are no longer a free action (i.e. using an item takes up that teammate's turn).
  • Artifacts increase your Might, so you can dress up however you'd like. Might is a measure of your power.
  • Artifacts affect a lot of combat stuff, including the power of status effects, knock back combo damage, team health, critical damage through getting timed hits, and ultimate recharge.
  • You can change your team up before battle begins.
  • Note that you cannot attack Charmed enemies until the Charm is either broken by another enemy attacking them or it wears off naturally. Not a huge deal, but it'll waste your time skipping your turns until the last enemy becomes uncharmed if you aren't aware of it.
  • The two story DLCs recommend a Might of 500 before starting, but they'll scale up with you from there so you won't be hilariously overpowered if you wait until the postgame to do them.
  • Do the story DLCs when they unlock! They become more of a slog the longer you wait, and the teammates and artifacts you unlock carry over to the main game & are very helpful.