Spider-Man (2018)

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  • Go through the story until you unlock all of the minigames and side stuff, then wander as much as you want. At the very least you want to unlock the towers so you can fast travel.
  • Web enemies that are on the ground or those that you can kick into objects to stick them there.
  • The gadgets are useful but the game isn't hard enough that they are mandatory, so pick whatever suit and upgrade paths you want.
  • If you care about getting Platinum use your challenge tokens to buy all the suits before upgrading any of your gadgets. Getting Gold on challenges is hard as hell, but you can get Platinum with mostly Silvers as long as you prioritize suits.
  • Get the upgrade that improves your Spider-Sense ASAP. Its super useful.
  • The map does a great job laying everything required for each district. You might to want chase crimes as they pop up since you have to do a minimum amount for each district and it'll feel like even more of a grind if you put it off too much.
  • If/when the QTE prompts start feeling annoying, you can disable them and the puzzles in the option menus. I found that turning off QTEs makes the cutscenes a lot more cinematic since you can sit back and enjoy the action.
  • DLC takes place after the main game story so don't worry about it until then. The DLC has some more suits but require doing missions and completing the DLC chapters to unlock.
  • DLC should be loaded in the same save file as your main playthrough. This way anything unlocked in the DLC also is available in the main game if you want to go back into the main game world. Note that I don't mean go back as in do another playthrough of the story. That would be in a new save file. But the main game and DLC "worlds" are different. The main game is better for free roam and random crimes and for re-doing bases, challenges, or completing anything you hadn't finished. Once you 100% the DLCs, only the DLC bases and challenges remain to re-do as there is no random crime in that instance of the city.
  • NG+ is created as a branch-off of whichever completed game save file you want. If you want to go for the two trophies for completing NG+ and completing the game on Ultimate difficulty you can do both at the same time with one NG+ file. Once you set the difficulty to Ultimate at the beginning you cannot change it or you lose the ability to earn the trophy. You could also just set your first playthrough to Ultimate but I don't recommend that. If you're not going for the trophy or you want to experience Ultimate or any other difficulty, you can change the difficulty at any time.