Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

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  • Lightning kills TIE Fighters. You are apparently supposed to just know this.
  • Try to end the first level with four force power spheres. The power you get access to at the beginning of the next level will benefit from them more than any power you have access to on the first level.
  • Get the Dashing Blast combo early. It basically doubles your Force Dash distance, which is very useful.
  • Getting close enough to a boss to use force repulse is easy and completely disrupts most attack patterns.
  • The game guides flung objects towards enemies and trigger points so even if you cant reach that stormtrooper off in the distance, throw something in his general direction and it'll land.
  • Be nimble. Don't just stand in one place and swing at people. There are many times when you'll be up against large groups, or people that block almost everything. Knowing several quick combos that don't chain you into a pattern for 8 hits is helpful to keep you available to dodge and move.
  • Also if you haven't done this already, power up the lightsaber damage skills. It's one of those things that seems obvious, but in a game that's all about Force powers it's easy to forget things like that.