Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

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  • You can scan unknown enemies with your binoculars before fighting them. You don't have to wait to scan their corpse to add them to the database.
  • You'll be let loose to explore the rather large first main planet fairly early, but I'd recommend following the story at least until you get the ability to tame and ride creatures, which makes getting around much faster.
  • You can jump off a wall run and back into the wall run, which helps you gain more height. There are some collectibles early in the game that require you to do this.
  • After the game is finished, you can find new Force Echoes, from...let's just say an important character. They aren't tracked and don't show up on your map (although you do still get the usual XP for them.) There's a video guide in how to find all of them (WARNING: MASSIVE SPOILER, DON'T CLICK UNTIL YOU'VE FINISHED THE GAME! Just remember this tip when you finish the game and come back for them.