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  • You don't need your mining cutter in your favorites inventory; if you press fire while your scanner is up then it will be pulled out automatically.
  • Walking while encumbered can't kill you, so feel free to waddle your way to the store with 10000 kg of material on your back when you are safe in the city.
  • You can sell items directly from your ship's hold via stores, but not the trade authority kiosks. You can also take items from the hold via any menu that allows for placing objects in containers (bodies, chests, trading items with companions).
  • You have a decent chance of proccing a research task to just automatically fill in the remaining items on a task for free, so if you have the materials to fill a slot then don't wait until you have all of them.
    • The aid item "Synapse Alpha" reduces the resource cost of completing research for 10 minutes.
    • The aid item "Neurajack" is an improved version of Synapse Alpha that reduces the resource cost and also increases your chance of proccing free progress.
    • These aid items can be found around the game world or bought from vendors, so it's very worthwhile to always take a dose of one or the other before doing a bunch of research.
  • Some skills unlock critical systems, so focus on them first. Boost packs (jetpacks) is a big one, and you don't get a stealth meter without the stealth ability. In my opinion one of the most critical ones is Targeting Control Systems in the Tech category, which allows you to target and disable enemy ship parts in a FTL-style damage system. Space fights can be difficult without the ability to target the enemy's weapons and leave them dead in the water.
  • Contraband/stolen goods (yellow/red icon in inventory) have to actively be put in the ship's cargo to receive the protection of shielded cargo. It'll be caught 100% of the time if it's in your inventory (or your companion's!), or if you don't have any shielded cargo containers. Note that a particular quest line doesn't open up until you're caught with something illegal, though!