State of Decay 2

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  • Guns will draw every zed from a mile around if you use them without a silencer, so only use them in life-or-death situations. The major exception is human enemies, as they are very durable to melee but go down with one headshot.
  • Cars are both durable and not. Drive them for miles with no issue but if you plow through rocks and zeds then you will need to use resources to repair them. I highly recommend sticking to roads; driving close to scavenge points is temping but it's very easy to get your car jammed on some errant ground debris, requiring you to either abandon it or use another car to ram it out of place.
  • Your unbreakable knife is a passable weapon against solo zeds, feel free to unequip a good weapon and use that.
  • You will never be entirely self sufficient, so use outposts to get a drip feed of whatever resources you are using the most of. Construction materials to start, ammo and medicine later.