Story of Seasons

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  • Save turnip seeds in your first Spring. You need them for the seed maker, and you basically cannot get them until the next Spring if you don't save them. I believe you need 5.
  • The absolute easiest way to make money is to grow flax, turn it into golden cloth, and sell it directly to the shops.
  • Crop quality is not saved if you rebuy seeds. The seed maker will turn the quality of the crop into a seed of that quality (higher with a specific set of decorations on your farm), allowing you to continue to improve the quality. Always save at least 1 item harvested to turn into seeds so you don't have to start over.
  • The mushroom/bee field, as well as the rice paddy, are the only two crop types you cannot grow on your farm. If you don't want to bother with conquesting the other fields, get those two and never let them go.
  • Fodder/grass grows fast and can win you number of items shipped conquests quite easily.
  • Events are triggered by weather and time of day and specific days. It will honestly be easier to look them up than to find them on your own. Two marriage candidates are time/event locked, one for each gender.
  • Get a dog if you want to work with large numbers of animals. Fence in their barn, put something to feed that animal type in it, and they'll be pretty happy with just the dog letting them out and putting them back at night. The fence does not need a gate.
  • Eda
    dies at the end of year one
    . Talk to her a lot early on.