Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

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  • If a main mission or side mission on the map says its level is a little or even much higher than your equipment level, start it anyway. Basic enemies will drop gear at the higher level immediately.
  • Attacks that knock enemies in the air are extremely useful.
  • Basic jobs are unlocked when you find the relevant weapon. Advanced and Expert jobs are gained when you unlock the relevant skill(s) at the bottom of other job trees.
  • You might want to use shards to work towards unlocking new jobs, not upgrading your current one.
  • When in doubt, black magic or Sage while your party members use their skills to gain attention.
  • If you really want to shut down the game, Sage/Sage lets you use two stagger bars while not losing your Sage stacks whenever you swap.
  • When you hover over a node in a job tree, the "Total number of points needed" it gives you is the total needed to unlock that node from where you currently are in the job tree. So if it says "Total points needed: 11", you can spend 11 points to unlock every node leading up to that one as well.