Suikoden II

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  • If you want the true ending, you'll probably want to find a guide to recruiting all 108 stars.
  • When you return to your home village at the beginning of the game, don't enter Nanami's home just yet. First, you need to turn around a big tree located at the north of the house. You'll gain one of the stars. Otherwise, you can gain it later but it's much longer and random.
  • Also, try to level up at least 18 people by mid-late game. You may know what it pertains to, but if you don't, don't look up why because it is pretty awesome.
  • Play Suikoden 1 first. Import your the save data. The bonus is really, really good, but a lot of the characters are even more awesome because of their involvement in Suikoden 1.
  • Clive's sidequest is based on your playtime and there is a very good chance you will miss most of it on your first run.