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  • Turn down shadows all the way if the game isn't running well. It doesn't make much of a visible difference, but for some reason it is the single greatest resource hog in the entire game. I went up a steady 20 FPS just from that.
  • It's a game where you definitely want to look up often.
  • Also if you find yourself thinking "surely there's nothing hidden on this unassuming cliff I managed to platform my way up to" you're probably wrong.
  • Don't stress out too much about reaching stuff that seems way too out of reach, multiple upgrades will come that solve that problem.
  • Once you hit endgame you'll be able to buy chest and grave detectors that will largely remove the need to check any guides.
  • While the game gives you a surprising number of combat options, honestly the most effective way to kill things for 90% of the game is going to be combos.
  • Oh, and don't get worried when you end up with one missing gold barrel. That's found in endgame stuff.