Surviving Mars

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  • You can collect surface metal (shiny rocks) with the transport rover.
  • Buildings inside domes are not shared between domes, ie if you have a casino in one it will not be used by people in the other. This is supposedly being changed in an upcoming patch.
  • However, external buildings can be shared by domes as long as it is within the range of both of them.
  • Structures can function outside of drones range, they will just not be maintained.
  • The easiest way to transfer drones between hubs is to break them down with the menu in one and build them again with the other. This is free and instantaneous.
  • The easiest way to move specialists is to ban them from all other domes with the dome's preference menu. Give them a thumbs down to ban.
  • Colonists will produce babies like crazy until there are too many homeless people in the dome.
  • There is no reason to have unspecialized colonists. There are buildings where being specialized is a detriment, but they are things like the grocers where it doesn't matter. Send everyone to college.
  • Water is the least sustainable resource above all else. Save it where you can, because once its gone it's gone. The small water producers help, but you need a lot spread over a large space to help even one dome.