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  • You're definitely going to want the flamethrower when it comes up (pretty much incapacitates for half a minute), as well as the long range sniper rifle, the minigun, the uzi, the energy shield and the chest upgrades. You can probably guess at what to research from the description of those items...
  • Most of the time you don't need more than one agent and you can save money that way, outfitting all four is expensive.
  • Drugs are powerful. Having all your agents boosted can mean the difference between winning or losing a tough fight.
  • Bring a sniper. Some of the fortified positions you have to take out later in the game can easily kill your team if you don't even the odds first.
  • The Pursuader gun is useful for more than just mission objectives. In missions where you don't have to go undetected, a meatshield of civilians serve as a brilliant distraction for the enemy.