Tales Of The Abyss

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  • If you want to do sidequests, do one playthrough "normal" and then one playthrough with a sidequest guide because you will never ever figure that out on your own.
  • At about 35% of the way through the game, you'll return from a place that the predominant color is "purple". It has an exit that is a point on the map. After every major plot point thereafter, go check, that exit point to start a huge chain of a missable side quest. (It's got a forest outside and a cave inside, in case you need any further clarification.)
  • It might be worth finding out Field of Fonons attacks. Essentially, during the course of a battle little rings will appear in certain places that correspond to one of the 6 elements. Certain Artes when performed within these rings, if they match the right element, will utilize a special move or variation of the arte. Like an upward strike will become something fire-related. These attacks are generally pretty good, and later on in the game when you get Sunshine Fon Slots you might want to pay attention to this stuff. So it might be worthwhile to look through a quick FAQ to find out which artes correspond to which elements.
  • You can equip capacity cores to help boost certain stats ... however the game IIRC doesn't immediately show you how. When you start getting Capacity Cores make sure to check them out to see if they are better than the ones you currently have equipped.
  • If you want to use a Green Fon Slot for the Stealing ability, don't put it on anything for Luke. It works much better on Guy's artes.