Tales of Maj'Eyal

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  • For ToME, a lot of people swear by the ZOmnibus addon pack, which includes a number of quality of life additions. I actually am very comfortable playing the game almost entirely unmodded, but there's a ton of options if you want to dive in.
  • Most of the class/race unlocks are simple progression (kill 1000 humanoids, defeat certain enemies, etc.) Some people just edit their profile for all the unlocks, but I enjoyed earning them all, so to each their own.
  • Don't play on Exploration. It gives infinite lives, which defeats a great deal of the purpose of the roguelike. Adventure gives enough lives that a single bullshit death doesn't end a run. Roguelike, naturally, is a single life.
  • Bulwark and Berserker are newbie-friendly melee classes, while Alchemist is a good option for getting familiar with magic. Archmage is very easily unlocked and extremely strong, with a massive ton of options, but can be a little intimidating when you're just starting out.
  • You gain 3 stat points, 1 class skill point, and one generic skill point each time you level, except at multiples of 5 where you get a second class point and no generic point. You also receive a category point at levels 10, 20, and 36 to unlock any locked categories. Cornac, one of the Human races, has no racial skill tree but instead receives an additional category point, which can be extremely useful depending on class and build.
  • Infusions and runes replace potions from conventional games - there are virtually zero consumables in ToME. Instead, you apply runes or infusions to yourself, which give you an ability that you can activate on a cooldown. You start with 3 slots for these and can gain additional ones by spending a category point on them.
  • Most races start with a regen infusion and a wild infusion that cures physical status effects. The regen infusion you start with is absolutely awful and should be upgraded as soon as you can (using an infusion if you already have the max value will allow you to overwrite one of your existing ones), but the wild infusion is really good and can often be kept all game long - status effects are immensely powerful in ToME, especially Stun, and having an on-demand cure is extremely important. Of note is that wild infusions will randomly clear one status effect from the types it can hit, so it might ignore that 15 turn stun to clear the disarm with 1 turn left on your mage.
  • You can right-click on any creature and click "Inspect Creature" to see their stats and abilities. This is extremely useful and helps make ToME remarkably accessible for a roguelike.