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  • Never sell your starting weapons, or any other weapons, really. This becomes clear to you in the first few hours of the game once you're introduced to synthesis. Don't sell synth'd weapons either as some have 2 paths they can go down on and if you're trying to get every skill for a character, you'll want to synth both versions.
  • Any time you purify an aer krene, go back to the scene where you fought the boss/purified the krene, there'll usually be a cutscene involving a recurring character whose name and purpose you'll find out later in the game.
  • Explore towns thoroughly, talk to everyone, upon going to a new place, or returning to a place you've been before for plot related reasons.
  • Dahngrest is a hub for a lot of the optional quest stuff, make ESPECIALLY sure to chat everyone up on return trips here. Also, after a certain character is killed in that city, sleep at the inn with Karol in your party until he learns a skill.
  • A chunk of early game quests, as well as early game quests that spill into the late game are separated by the game's 3 chapters. Basically, you'll want to return to towns you've been in after getting your first mode of transport, then second mode of transport, the second being especially important as right after getting it you are taken on a plot-ride where you'll be practically on-rails to the end of that section of the game, and talk to everyone within, especially people you did not notice to be there before. Finally, before embarking on the quest to the last dungeon, which you will know, visit around, especially the place you just left!
  • End game stuff. Once you hear the word Aurnion, you can start exploring those rocky formations you've been seeing on the world map. Also, there's no point in doing any melee other than the 100/200 as the only prize prior to the 100 is gels and doubling the (pathetic) amount of gald you payed to get there.
  • The tutorials do a pretty good job of getting the combat system down. Learning how the moves link up and getting a good combo down (for instance, at the start you're generally doing just 3 attack followed by Azure Edge) really helps.
  • In regards to the game, there's a lot of side-quest stuff that is easily missable. I'd suggest not worrying to much about it the first time through, as the game's combat and the grade options along with higher difficulties really make a second play through worth it.
  • Rita is busted in half later in the game, and Estelle isn't your only healer, both Karol and Raven have good Artes for healing.
  • I don't remember if this is said in game, but Artes usually upgrade the more uses they have. Azure Edge gets faster the more uses it has, and Nice Aid smash gains a bigger range. Things like that.
  • You will more than likely never see everything there is to see the first time you play through unless you're OCD and use a guide. Just enjoy the game the first time through, it's fun regardless.
  • Regardless of who you fight you will almost certainly have Rita and Yuri in your party. They're the two best fighters around and with the right skills and artes you will mess anything up. The other two don't really matter but I like Karol as he can heal and fight and Repede as he's a crazy motherfucking smoking dog.
  • Cooking might seem a bit arduous to begin with but if you stick with it you'll get the best recipe in the game and you'll wonder why you ever used gels outside of combat.
  • If you've never played a Tales game before, then there's a system called Grade that ranks how well you did in fights. If you fight well (don't take too much damage, block when you do, use the enemies weaknesses against them etc.) you get more grade that will let you buy a bunch of cool things for a new game+
  • Collecting all the fell arms will make things harder for you when you come to beat the game but it will probably be worth it.

Definitive Edition

  • There are a TON of obtuse missables and some will lock you out of content. If you are worried about this, use a guide.
  • The Synthesis gift DLC will clutter your crafting tabs if you open everything at once.
  • The gift DLC is returned to you each playthrough.
  • Boss Fights have a gimmick called "Secret Missions" where completing these rewards you with extra loot.
  • Secret Mission 17 is missable. Stay at the Inn a few times when you are given canteens to cross the desert. You need
    Mother's Memento
  • You can complete Secret Missions later in the game, but you will not receive any experience, gald, or loot from them.
  • Estelle can no longer become invulnerable in this version.
  • Always carry Magic Lens and make it a habit to use them. Some bosses have to be identified twice since they have secondary phases.
  • Cooking gets better later in the game. Always be cooking. Regarding the two new characters,
    Patty has the highest success rate and Flynn has the worst
  • The AI's strategy "Up to You" mostly only heals others at ~45% health.
  • While in combat, bringing up the menu and pausing will cycle your playable character.
  • Try to craft a Blue Sephira as soon as possible to help with Gald. The effect stacks.
  • One endgame quest requires you to have fled battle 50 times. You can work on this at any time.
  • Holding Up while using normal attacks will launch enemies. This is especially helpful when playing as Judy.