Team Fortress Classic

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  • Medics and Scouts can "Conc" Jump with their alt grenades. Essentially you prep your concussion grenade and launch yourself using the grenade's trajectory. Once you get good at you can easily cross 2-fort in a single leap making capping laughably quick. If you plan on playing either one of these it will be a good idea to try some of the Conc jumping maps and develop some double conc skills (triple is a bit overkill).
  • Medics can use their Medpacks to spread disease among the other team. The best places to abuse this are near respawn points as most newbies will try to run back in or camp on healthpacks until someone cures them; if you're good you can also tag snipers which can piss them off a bit.
  • Try a Heavy with a shotgun, if you can master it they can be a pain in the ass to deal with.
  • Soldier's bunnyhops aren't nearly as good as they are in TF2.
  • Engineers that put turrets above doors or anywhere on top of your building can easily be destroyed from within. Have a soldier shot where the turret is sitting from below and the splash damage should deal with it. Also, take this to your advantage when you're an Engineer.
  • Spies will appear using only default weapons.
  • Pyros aren't that great other than pissing off Snipers or getting in people's way.
  • Don't be afraid to use your grenades including Demolition-man time bombs. As you keep playing you'll find the best places to spam these.