The Age of Decadence

From Before I Play
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  • Save your level ups. The game is reliant on hard skill checks for a lot of quests and options and having a few points to spend when you need them will save your life.
  • Don't get into combat if you can help it unless you have a combat-focused character. Most characters will get into a fight or two, max, and these will probably be hard and frustrating enough - if you pick an optional fight make sure you've thought through your decision.
  • Combat is go all-in or nothing, and is wholly unrewarding and unfun for anything short of a 100% martial playthrough.
  • You pretty much have to go 100% in on your character specializations, a hybrid character to see all the content is literally min-maxing every single encounter and save-scumming until you get the best starting outcome.
  • The social skill playthroughs are worth it, and if you like them enough you can follow a guide for a hybrid playthrough to see all the various path specific/hard to find content like the 'correct' lore and such.