The Last of Us

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  • Bottles and bricks are the best weapons in the game. They're plentiful in every area and you can blind throw them from behind barriers without being spotted. Stunned enemies can be grabbed and the brick can be used as a melee kill without wasting your melee weapon.
  • Best way to handle clicker areas is by holding down R2 and just don't touch any clickers. They can hear you if you're moving full speed while sneaking so this is an easy way to see them and avoid moving too quickly. Alternatively, throw a brick/bottle to gather them together then lob a molotov.
  • Runners go down in one shot with the bow. Use it to clear clicker rooms without alerting them because runner's line of sight is spotty. The bow is also a great distraction tool.
  • Don't bother using the first upgrade table. Save your resources until the second table where you get your first tool. Try to get both holsters as soon as possible and watch the game get a ton easier.
  • Weapon sway should be your first upgrade. The default aiming is killer and you need to be a crack shot by late game.
  • You'll find out the best way to play the game but IMO it's more fun to play very fast and loose. Use your equipment, don't bother saving it. Leave nail grenades to cover your rear. Toss molotovs into groups and throw bricks at everyone. The enemies are assholes so play like an asshole.
  • If you are spotted while sneaking around, it's because the enemies saw Joel. This means you don't have to worry about Ellie running between cover at the wrong time.
  • You may want to use two save files for your first playthrough. The auto-save system overwrites your most recent manual save file. It is not a separate file like some games. It may auto-save mid battle, or when you are trying to hide in an unsecured location, or when you're out of healing items, or a combination of these things. So save over the older of the two files when you have a chance to catch your breath, or when you think a confrontation might be around the corner.