The Last of Us Part II

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  • Wait until you get more skill trees before using your pills. Especially at the start the first skill tree you have to spend a lot of pills to get to increased health, and it's not really worth it.
  • Minor skill tree spoilers:
    Silencers are OP and should be gotten immediately, melee upgrades are really good, any skills that you craft new stuff are good because you can spend more materials.
  • Clickers are way better at spotting you than in the first game, you can't just waddle past them like you did before.
  • Gun upgrade priority: Power > Accuracy/Stability > Fire rate = Scopes > Capacity > Reload speed
  • You can smash glass in coolers and take candy bars and crafting materials out of them.
  • There's a lot of items to be found in the game, and if clearing every nook and cranny gets annoying, you can turn on "Enhanced listen mode" in the Accessibility options which lets you scan for items around you. You can also enable or disable things like item auto-looting or weapon sway from there.