The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

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  • At the beginning, ignore sidequests/messing around and do the main plot until you play the instrument for the first time, after which you have lots of time and can do stuff at your leisure.
  • Playing the song of time backwards makes time pass at 1/3 speed for the current cycle. Playing the double song of time (right right A A down down) skips to the next dawn/dusk.
  • Also, get the bunny hood. It lets you run fast. It was my default mask for the vast majority of the game. Get the Bremen mask from the music box man by the laundry pool around midnight, then use it around midnight on the final day at the Romani ranch to gather the chicks, and get the bunny hood.
  • Chateau Romani goes well with the Goron mask.
  • Aside from the backwards song of time thing mentioned earlier, the main storyline and a great bulk of the extras can be accomplished without help. Put your rupees in the bank in the western block of the town before playing the song of time, and don't be afraid to rebuy arrows and bombs when you come back, though you shouldn't really need to (especially since most owl statues have consumable stashes nearby).
  • Don't look at a single guide until you've beaten the last dungeon. You can earn nearly every mask without needing to look it up, but some are tucked away in places you wouldn't think to revisit.