The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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  • From time to time you'll have to play a song on the ocarina to people or objects - positioning matters a lot here: you have to be facing them so Navi actively hovers near them, otherwise it won't work even if you're playing the song right next to them.
  • Items will help you make quick work of enemies in unexpected ways. For example, the Deku Nuts will defeat a variety of enemies automatically, in an AoE. If you're annoyed with an encounter, try rooting through your inventory.
  • There are some collectibles in dungeons that are only accessible when you have more items later in the game, so don't be afraid to leave something and backtrack for it later.
  • If you have problems or get lost in the water temple, do note that the cutscene moves you to another place. Do check the place where the cutscene started.
  • Here's a vague hint for something that gets more or less pointed out in the 3DS version that trips people up: One temple will have a sort of "elevator", it won't seem like it but the "basement" is an option.
  • Sometimes the owl will talk forever and then ask "would you like me to repeat all of that?" and the default answer will be "yes" instead of "no", and I think sometimes the default is "no" or the question is worded differently. So pay close attention so you don't start him up again unintentionally.
  • There are audio puzzles that rely on audio, so if you're struggling with getting lost in mazes, make sure you can hear the music.
  • If you leave one carrot in the meter when riding the horse, the meter will regenerate faster than if you deplete them all.
  • It's easy to underestimate the utility of the Map and Compass. Particularly for the Temples, they'll guide you to unexplored rooms and unopened chests, which will keep you always moving forward.