The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

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  • There's a similar concept to the Ocean King's temple from the first game, but there is no time limit. Rejoice.
  • Talk to the giant rabbit in the forest map to get a net to catch those rabbits you see around you. You can get a pretty easy heart container from doing that.
  • Collect shitloads of rupees. You can buy a heart container with them.
  • To access Beedle's shop, sound your whistle when it gets near. He shows up before you get the letter explaining that and I was confused at first. He sells the Bomb Bag for 500 Rupees, so again, farm them all you can.
  • Don't try to outrun those exploding kill-you-trains. They'll catch up eventually, although you can slow them down by shooting them constantly. Avoid them by switching tracks, or by slowing down/stopping until you know you can pass them.
  • You can revisit old parts of the Spirit Tower to get treasure items once you have new equipment.
  • If you've played Phantom Hourglass, you're basically getting the same thing (control/gameplay-wise) though slightly refined.
  • The enemy trains are one-hit kills, so don't be afraid to slam the brakes and head in reverse if you get cut off.
  • You unlock more tracks and side areas as you do sidequests for people. This also unlocks the warp gates to cut down on travel time.
  • For the most part, you can ignore the bitching of passengers. As long as you're not doing incredibly stupid shit like slamming it into reverse from full speed to stop at their station, you'll be fine and shouldn't piss anyone off enough that you lose the reward.
  • You can skip past any parts of the tower you've already done. There is a little treasure and such to be had if you go back, but I don't remember it being anything necessary. Plus, you're not timed anymore.