The Planet Crafter

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  • Exploring is important.
  • Looting containers is the only source of food in the early game.
  • For properly exploring wrecks you need the torch and deconstruction mods.
  • When exploring, carry enough resources to be able to build shelter to replenish oxygen (3 iron, 2 titanium, 1 silicon).
  • Electricity doesn’t have a maximum range so you can build anywhere.
  • Deconstructing always returns full resources, so don’t hold back on experimenting.
  • Later in the game some areas will be covered with water making them unsuitable for buildings. Most notably the area around the suggested starting position.
  • The global bonuses from rockets stack.
  • Loading the game replenishes food and water.
  • Meteors may hurt you but don’t damage constructions and will carry resources, including rare ones. Also meteor rubble will disappear after a short time.
  • Loose items will despawn after some time.
  • Almost all resources will have renewable source at some point in game. But that point may come late enough that you shouldn't go overboard with wasting them. Some notable unreneweable resources are seeds, fabric and zeolite.
  • You can climb vines.
  • There is fall damage.