The Talos Principle 2

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  • You will return to New Jerusalem, so if you want to put off exploring and just start doing puzzles from the off, you can. (But you really should explore to get more out of the story). However you can't go back there whenever you want, so be aware of that.
  • No puzzle requires anything more than is in the room, and everything has a 'simple' solution. If you're trying to get cute with item positioning or jumping around trying to exploit the landscape, you're likely missing something.
  • Puzzles can be solved without using all equipment but generally speaking no puzzle outright misdirects you - if there's something in a room it's useful by at least one definition of a solution.
  • That said, lots of puzzles can be 'solved' by weird interactions or straight up glitches, and the game doesn't care if that's how you do it. It's hard enough as it is, so take your wins where you can get them.
  • The puzzles tied to shrines very clearly say that this is not the case and expect you to be thinking outside the box.
  • You only need eight of ten puzzles on each level to proceed, and the two forgotten/hidden puzzles on each level are not necessarily harder than the previous ones (they're essentially just more puzzles). So if you're stuck, take a look at them.
  • If you use a terminal inside a puzzle and spend a Prometheus spark, this auto-solves the puzzle. So if you were after a hint or something more gentle, be aware that this isn't that.
  • There is no achievement, plot point or other extrinsic reward to NOT using Prometheus sparks. Feel free to use them if you want to. If you want to redeem a spent spark, you'll need to complete the puzzle you spent it on "for real".