The Void

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  • You will, unless you consult a guide, all but assuredly fail on your first few attempts, and if you don't luck out or understand what the game wants it may never happen. The game's translation isn't great and the game itself doesn't go out of its way (or really ever bothers) to tell you whats going on, what to do, and the vast myriad ways you can screw yourself.
  • Each of the colors has a benefit to having in your body and a negative to dumping into the void. Some of these are much, much worse than others
  • Unless attacking or feeding, do not hold down your mouse button as you'll basically drop a bunch of extra color on something when all you need to make the runes is usually a bare minimum amount.
  • Make sure you are constantly refining new color into your body as you need to drain some refined color to travel anywhere, but not too much or you'll waste the color as you have nowhere to store it.
  • Don't dilly-dally a single bit on the world map screen, you are slowly dying.
  • Always fill a tree with the most amount of color you can spare. If you notice that your trees have monsters attached to them that look somewhat akin to a flying scorpion, restart and manage your color usage better. Seeing those is pretty much an instant game over.