The World Ends With You

From Before I Play
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  • When you think you're about to finish the game, you've only just begun.
  • Try to master the dash as early as possible. It's going to be a lifesaver later on in the game.
  • If you've been using a certain pin for a long period of time, keep using it until it runs out. This will give it time to recharge while you use another one.
  • Try to set up your pins so that you always have one to use during a battle. Testing the amount of time one pin takes to run out compared to the recharge time of your other pins is a good strategy.
  • Remember to equip your pins toward the beginning of the game! The game doesn't do it for you and you will be a sitting duck if you don't.
  • Always make sure to be using food items, and start with the bigger ones. They are free stats. I recommend lots of bravery increasing food, as the improved items it will let you equip can be pretty amazing.
  • Almost every boss in the game is vulnerable to knockback. Pins like velocity tackle, shockwave, ice risers, etc. can keep them stunlocked pretty much indefinitely.
  • Never EVER buy the +attack or +defense pins for your partners in shops. The currency used for those is also used for buying additional pin slots or improved fusion techniques, and you are ALWAYS much better off saving up for them. If you're really desperate for stat increases, just use food items.
  • The partner AI is horrible - set it to manual control, glance up periodically at the top screen, and then mash attacks in whichever direction the enemy is in. Trust me, it works.