Thief: Deadly Shadows

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  • Play the game at hardest difficulty. Even at that it's way easier than the previous two.
  • This require a bit of an effort but try to stay on the good side of Hammers. It will prove useful at the end of the game.
  • Most of the city hub areas have hidden passages, mostly higher up. Great for staying hidden. Learn to avoid the main streets at the beginning as you'll need this later.
  • At hardest difficulty the guards will always hear you sneaking behind them and stand for few seconds, listening. Wait until they start moving again before you proceed to blackjack.
  • Unfortunately, the dagger is not as fun to use as the sword in previous two games. It's also way less useful.
  • You can shoot moss arrows at people faces. This will make them choke for about ten seconds. It's not lethal.
  • The game was advertised having a "body awareness" system. What that means really is that they added useless third person mode which resulted in the game counting jumping as done in third person. So if you still have your reflexes attuned to the first two games you'll going to fall from the ledge or miss your jumps very often. I remember being irritated by that to no end.