This War Of Mine

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  • Don't build Lockpicks unless you absolutely need the stealth (and even then you should find enough to cover yourself). Crowbars do the exact same thing and are reuseable.
  • People spend two days Hungry and two days Very Hungry. If you feed them on the second Very Hungry day you'll bump then back to the first Hungry day.
  • Two Rattraps and an upgraded Garden should give you enough food to keep three or four people adequately fed.
  • Don't fight people with guns head-on, even if you have your own gun. You're almost always better off sneaking up behind them with a knife. Actually, try to avoid fighting people at all unless necessary as your guys will get bummed if they have to kill.
  • Priorities early on furniture-wise are a workshop, two beds, a stove and at least one water collector. A Radio is nice to notify you of upcoming weather and what is valuable to trade.
  • Repairing your home is more than aesthetic, it also reduces the severity of night-raids.
  • Be wary of cold weather. If it starts snowing you will need a heater or two.
  • Scavenge points disappear permanently once emptied. Consider keeping the first point in each area around so you can stock everything you can't carry from a zone there for easy access in later visits.