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General Tips

  • You can use enemies as platforms when time is stopped to reach otherwise inaccessible areas.
  • Your backdash is very effective against many attacks. Get used to using it. All enemies and bosses have recognizable attack patterns.
  • You can attack while crouching. Spell attacks will make you stand up when you release the spell, though.
  • You can charge your Spells while time is stopped.
  • Colored damage numbers mean that enemies are resistant (blue) or weak (red) to various Orbs or Spells. You can look up the information in the Enemies section of the journal.
  • Damage Types are Blunt, Sharp, Fire, Ice, Plasma, Aura, Light, and Dark.
  • Smash all light sources, they drop Sand if your Hourglass is less than full, or currency (Entropy) in various amounts, if you have full Sand, and like everything else, the lights all respawn after you leave the screen.
  • Certain specific treasure chests will respawn after a little while, what causes the respawn to trigger is unclear.
  • You can only hold 9 of each inventory item so unless you really need them, sell a few for extra cash and replenish them from drops.
  • Empty squares on the map often mean there's a secret room. Bash the wall or floor and see if it reacts with a different sound and a falling debris visual. Secrets are always on the outside edge of a room.
  • Normal is probably too easy. If you want to start on Nightmare (Hard), go to the in-game password screen and enter NIGHTMARE777 to unlock it.