Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE

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  • You can leave the dungeon at pretty much any time with no penalty, so feel free to heal up whenever. It's most convenient to do it when you find a new warp spot, but Tsubasa's first radiant skill lets you teleport out whenever you like, so don't be afraid to go out and heal/synth up some new weapons and skills, especially after one of the savage fights or if you're playing on hard mode. The game isn't hard overall, but it definitely has some things that can kill you.
  • Relatedly, they aren't kidding when they say savage fights are mean. They usually aren't incredibly sturdy, but they can and will rip through your characters' HP. If you want to do one, have someone with an all-target SP skill (Tsubasa early on) out of the party so you can switch to them with the first person who gets a turn and wipe out a bunch of enemies.
  • Once you have more than 3 party members, you can switch out at any time and it doesn't cost a turn. If someone can't hit any weaknesses in the current fight, just swap 'em out! People outside the main party get full EXP, but you get skills based on how many actions you take in combat, so make sure you keep a good rotation up so everyone is leveling up. Itsuki cannot be swapped out, annoyingly.
  • Save often. You can save anywhere and any time, and the game will never prompt you to, so it's easy to get caught up in gameplay, die, and then lose a few hours' progress.
  • All food and drink you can buy in Tokyo will restore your party's HP and EP, but ordering someone's favorite will also raise their luck.
  • Skill learning is FFIX style, so make sure you've mastered all four of a weapon's skills before you trade up to the next one.
  • When you hear your party members talk while you're selecting a Skill to use in combat, it generally means the followup Session Attack will trigger something they'll hit a Resist or Null on (ie; "Dont pick this, I'll hit for minimal/null damage with my followup".).