Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction

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  • The goal in most situations is not to trigger alerts. An alerted enemy will start to gather up energy Goku-style and then release it to trigger an alarm. Killing them before that happens stops the alarm.
  • Using silenced weapons in almost always the right choice.
  • Smoke grenades and later flash grenades make for easy melee takedown.
  • Don't be afraid to extract if things are going to hell.
  • Playing solo is viable, the enemy count scales well with the number of players.
  • The usefulness of the starting drone is marginal but the auto-scan drone you get later is excellent.
  • Don't take ops that aren't at full health.
  • Stealth is much easier than loud but not always doable.
  • Nests start spawning enemies when alerted making it a good idea to kill them.
  • Alarms have limited range.
  • There is no friendly damage except in special game modes.
  • Because there's no friendly damage, you can remove spores from other players by doing damage to them: meleeing, shooting, explosives. You can remove spores from yourself by throwing explosive at your feet.
  • Enemies may react to noise but they will only raise the alarm if they actually see you so don’t be afraid to make noise if needed.
  • Airlocks can contain enemies.
  • In multiple mission types the next objective(s) are automatically revealed when you start doing the first one (e.g. picking up canister for delivering explosives, triggering seismic machine or scanner, etc.)
  • A suppressor will greatly decrease weapon damage so you may want to have at least one weapon without it.
  • Nests and spores will count as kills for several studies.
  • Your flashlight can highlight enemies behind breakable walls.
  • Marked enemies are highlighted differently based on if you can hit them through wall.
  • Smasher (big bulky enemy) can only be damaged/takedown on their weak spot from behind.
  • Apex (the big enemy with tentacles who summons other enemies) will shock you and drones if you get too close, which makes it impossible to takedown.