Torment: Tides of Numenera

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  • Edge is an important thing to upgrade early since it essentially makes any task 1 effort cheaper across the board for that stat.
  • Cyphers can be very powerful but don’t be afraid to use them if it’s a nuke/bomb type of thing. You may want to save ones that scale with level if you’re planning on using Rhin. The economy and combat is balanced for you to use cyphers and it’s not hard to get more if you need them.
  • Talk to everybody and learn everything you can. Curiosity is commonly rewarded mechanically.
  • Oddities are generally meant to be sold. There are usable ones though so check their description before you sell them.
  • If you want to do a run with very little emphasis on combat, go for Intellect since that influences most checks in conversation.
  • Don’t save scum. Even losing a combat encounter isn’t the end of the world and can lead to interesting results. Try to focus on controlling decisions as opposed to controlling outcomes and the experience will be much richer for it.
  • No party member is useless (even the one who REALLY seems useless). Pick someone for your party because you think they’re interesting, not for optimization. Any party configuration can make it through.
  • Do the Mapper’s quest in the early game. It gives you the ability to swap out party members on the fly.
  • Tides are largely a flavor thing and represent your alignment DnD style. There is one party member whose abilities can change based on your alignment but otherwise they just represent the things your character views as important based on their choices.
  • If the game says you should wrap up any side quests before you do something, listen. You can’t really go back to old areas once you leave.
  • Quests can advance in the time while you’re resting. If there’s a quest that seems like it might have a time-sensitive element to it, consider using items to recover your stat pools or HP instead of sleeping.