Torment: Tides of Numenera

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  • This game rewards repetition. Asking the same questions, attempting the same actions or even resolving the same puzzles when the option is given will get you more flavor, lore or items. Even the nameless NPCs have a bunch of unique things to say if you keep clicking.
  • As with all games by Monte Cook if you dont play someone with the mental stat as the primary stat just go home.
  • Your first priority when leveling up is always increasing your edge in whatever that characters primary stat is. Anything else is a trap option until you do that, because the developers couldn't fix every terrible decision Monte Cook makes.
  • There little girl you can recruit takes a long time to power up and shes hard to get rid of. If you do tons of quests with her in the party in the first area you can easily get her past that long before you ever have a second fight in the game. Peacefully solve the end of the quest that recruits her for a special dialog ability.
  • Join the church of the Changing God ASAP as it gives you a free place to rest. Without it you will be insanely broke just trying to sleep to the point where it feels like Monte Cook refused to accept you wouldn't want to join them which is probably the case.
  • There are several characters not associated with quests who through dialog give you permanent stat upgrades. Talk to everyone always forever and do all their dialog.
  • There is 0 drawback to installing all the surgical upgrades into your body other than the monetary cost. Yes, this is stupidly balanced and you'd be an idiot not to get all of the passive buffs installed.
  • Items labelled as oddities are for sale only. Don't bother hanging onto them.
  • Before completing the main quest in the necropolis, cash in all your sidequests. The game teleports you away forever once you finish it so buhbye xp.