Transformers: Devastation

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  • It can be a little annoying to have to transform and come at each shield-bearing enemy individually. Keep in mind, though, that you can also break their shields with the vehicle attack that you get at the end of a combo, and with the upgrade which lets you unleash a counter attack immediately after achieving focus.
  • Guns are useful for jet enemies that won't stop flying around. If you hit them with a sniper rifle or similar, they'll usually transform back to their robot mode and fall to the ground.
  • Different characters gain different levels of benefits from stats. Bumblebees' melee power isn't going to grow nearly as fast as Optimus or Grimlock
  • Special (L1) abilities as well as ultimates (L3+R3) give iframes. You can get focus off of these.
  • Much like Bayonetta, dodge offset is a thing you should learn to handle. It's easier here though since you don't have to hold an attack button to do it.
  • You can dodge in place.
  • There's a semi-hidden combo mechanic, commonly called Overdrive. Basically if you keep your combos going then the Autobot logo next to your health bar will start pulsing faster and faster. This gives you extra attack speed, damage, and let's you proc vehicle attacks off more things, like gunfire, back attacks, or the spin move.
  • Speaking of the spin move, it has a larger radius than it seems to.
  • Headshots also proc vehicle attacks. Generally not worth going for though. Just let the aimbot do it's thing IMO.
  • Hold the Light Attack button down when doing a Rush attack to try and launch you and your target into the air.
  • A lot of prepping for higher difficulties revolves around getting gear as well as credits for TECH and stat upgrades. The best way to farm stuff is to load up Optimus with all the +drop TECHs you can get and then play Challenge 50 on the highest difficulty you can. It's turret level so while it's boring it's really easy and short.
  • After unlocking a new difficulty your stat maximums go up and you can develop higher tier TECH.
  • Don't play on Commander your first run. It's slog. Come back once you have better gear.
  • You basically don't need to worry about gear or stats or anything but your own skill on Warrior. Just pick a weapon type you like and have fun.
  • Besides the glowing yellow circles, you should look out for any circular patterns and vehicle slam down on those too, sometimes they'll also hide goodies. Same for suspiciously cordoned off empty sections (like traffic cones placed around nothing)