Triangle Strategy

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  • You can press X when a character is speaking to see their portrait and a short description of them.


  • Anna's ability to act twice in a turn makes her a very valuable party member throughout.
  • Hughette is hugely mobile and particularly good at sniping people from high places.
  • Benedict's buffs are decent but he truly shines with his later abilities that let people act more often.


  • Flank enemies wherever you can to get followup attacks. If you can flank them from front and behind, it's a decent bonus. If Anna can get behind an enemy and flank with someone, she's lethal.
  • Note that your archers generally won't get followups in melee, but your mages will. They're weak, but they might still push an enemy over the edge.
  • Archers don't have to be in a straight line behind the enemy to get the bonus for back attacks. As long as the arrow comes from behind, it's good. This also works when an enemy has their back to the wall.
  • On a character's turn you can highlight any enemy or ally and enter Simulation mode to see what any of that character's abilities would do to them.
  • You can also check out enemy abilities and equipment this way with the Details option. Handy to scan for weaknesses or, more often, strengths:
  • Unique enemies are often particularly buffed against status effects. Simulation mode will tell you the chance of hitting and applying a status effect, Details will tell you the source of their buffs.


  • You get XP for acting in combat. The type of action doesn't matter much. If someone's too far away to attack or hasn't got enough TP, consider having them use an item to at least get XP.
  • New Game Plus will allow you to explore story paths you haven't taken, and also reveal your conviction stats.