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  • Decide what kind of person your character is from the start and roleplay them, you'll enjoy the choices more rather than trying to min-max stuff.
  • Loyalty/Fear aren't a strict positive negative scale. You get stuff for having people and organizations like you OR hate you, so neutrality is the least rewarding place for them to sit mechanically.
  • Unless you're playing the really hard modes, don't worry too much about what's viable. You can pretty much play whatever you want just like you could in PoE, though you don't have the option to make custom party members, you basically build the ones you get between two trees they each start with unique to each character. Your main character can do whatever you want.
  • Your whole party gets experience towards their skills when using one, like lockipicking a chest gets everybody some XP in mechanics or whatever.
  • Oh, and don't skip the little quiz thing during character creation, at least not the first time through. It's basically doing world building that other characters will know your character for.
  • Lore is the god-skill. High Lore can be used in conversations to impress basically everyone you meet, and you can also use it to combine a bunch of spell accents to make some truly bonkers magic.
  • Go nuts with your spells and skills in combat. All magic and most skills are limited only by cooldowns, so don't feel bad about spamming the shit out of your hotbar outside of the one or two per-rest abilities.
  • Potions are in plentiful supply and are used instantly, or close enough for it not to matter. Use them.
  • In general, it's better to specialize than to try to do everything. This goes for both combat and plot.
  • You can eventually upgrade all weapons and armour at a forge spire. So if you find a sword with a nice bonus but poor damage for example, hang on to it until you can upgrade.
  • Apart from lore, its worthwhile to put points into athletics and subterfuge. Skills improve with use so if you invest in them at the start, they should stay viable throughout the game.
  • The first skill check in the game comes up 30 seconds in and is a 34 Athletics on medium difficulty.
  • Uncheck any skills you aren't interested in training. One-handed weapons does not stack with dual wield.
  • Don't be afraid to make enemies.