Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss

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  • Although you may be tempted to control the game exclusively with your mouse. I find that using keyboard only controls the game better especially in combat. Use your left hand to control movement around wasd and attacking using p, ; and /.
  • Keep a eye out for Mantras written on walls and scrolls. They are used at shrines to improve your stats. Each level has at least one shrine.
  • You can write notes on your map. Take note of anything and anyone that you come across as you may need to return later.
  • As mentioned earlier for fighter classes you need to maximise strength as there is no in game way of improving it.
  • I'd recommend using swords as your primary weapon. One of the best swords in the game is required to complete the game.
  • Don't hurry down the stairs too quickly. Spend the time exploring levels and improving your abilities.
  • On the first level of the abyss go straight ahead and take the first door to the right. Immediately to your right there is a secret door. Behind that is the silver seed. Take it and plant it anywhere there is dirt. Any time you die you will be resurrected at the tree.
  • Take note of any visions you receive. Especially ones from crystal balls. You'll know why when it happens.
  • There are a couple of fountains on the first two levels that can heal you up. Find them and take note on your map.
  • Carry a long pole with you at all times as it can be used to activate switches that are out of your reach. If you have a spare pole combine it with thread to make a fishing rod.
  • Try and find the ring of levitation and the dragon scale boots.
  • Late on in the game you will be asked to find a corpse. The corpse in question is tucked away on level 8. It will be the set of bones that don't stack.
  • There are a few items you will need that may not seem obvious a first. Such as (SPOILERS) a crown, a bottle of port, a flute, thread, a recipe and it's ingredients, incense(you'll need to light up). Anything with a special sounding name(obviously).
  • END GAME SPOILER. Just run and don't turn back. A path back to Britannia is before you.
  • Deco Morono.