Undertale Yellow

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  • Play Undertale first.
  • As in Undertale, the game really picks up around the middle. If you're not sold on it, try to make it through Snowdin before giving it up.
  • The config menu has several accessibility features including Easy Mode. These features can be enabled and disabled whenever you open the game.
  • Neutral Route requires one kill in order to achieve the route. It isn't bundled with Pacifist like in Undertale.
  • That being said, the Neutral route is as worth playing as Pacifist or Vengeance/Kill Everyone.
  • Some of the boss's attack patterns in Vengeance/Kill Everyone assume you have fought the boss' pacifist or neutral variants. They're not impossible and it doesn't affect the story, but doing Vengeance first may be a challenge.
  • In the Vengeance route, it is possible to hit an area's kill limit at a lower LV. This is bad for your stats, so try to aim for enemies that provide higher EXP. If you mess up, don't worry, it really isn't that much of a difference.
  • Be careful on your Vengeance run in the
    . Simply reaching
    the giant computer room (the room before The Furnace and two rooms before the Axis battle)
    without the kill limit reached will abort your run, and saving past there will lock the failure in.
  • In the Vengeance
    Axis battle
    , try to stick to items that heal less and save your higher health ones for later.