Unicorn Overlord

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  • The game rewards a bit of command optimization. A few battles in the game tells you it's a good idea to set basic attacks to target "lowest HP%" so your soldiers prioritize finishing off the wounded instead of smacking whatever's right in front of them. You also might want to tell your clerics to wait until a target is below a given percentage of HP to reaction heal so they don't blow all their support points on insignificant scratches, or tell units with a weaker poison attack not to use it on enemies that don't have actions left, as a couple of examples. In general, whenever a unit gets a new skill, take a look to see if there's something you can tweak to make it more useful.
  • Thankfully, you can save and apply skill templates so you don't have to adjust each skill one by one on every unit.
  • Some equipment gives skills, and these skills can default to top priority. Remember to disable the new skill if it's not terribly useful for a given unit.
  • The preview estimate shown when you tell a unit to go target an enemy unit in the field does not take into account support units, so what looks like an easy victory could actually be a total loss if they've got backup nearby. The preview once the battle is starting is accurate.
  • Applying or removing your own ranged supports seems to change the RNG seed for a given battle, so it can cause things like a battle going much worse if you use backup, because in the new RNG seed you whiff on an important swing. It's something to check for if you've got archers in a nearby watchtower.