Valdis Story: Abyssal City

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  • Your stats actually matter, think a bit on where you're going to put those points. You can respec later on but it costs items.
  • Speaking of items: Never sell/use your last Rogue's Cowl, you'll need one to buy the double jump ability and there's a limited amount of them.
  • Another item to look out for is Tamahagane: there's only ten of them in the game and they allow you to do extremely powerful stuff after defeating a certain optional boss - with all ten of them you can unlock another weapon, or they can be used to upgrade your weapons and armor, or gain extra levels over the cap.
  • That one companion ability that grants you regeneration is extremely useful.
  • Learn to love magic. The system feels a bit wonky at first (every magic rune adds four spells, you can have a total of four spells equipped and the combination of spells you have gives you stat bonuses based on light/dark affinity) but the most powerful combos and attacks are all done with spells.
  • Backtrack. Explore. There's a ton of hidden stuff, including areas and bosses.