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  • Weapons upgrade by either collecting a full weapon upgrade item which is a rarer drop and immediately boosts the weapon a full level or by, when at maximum ammo, picking a duplicate of the carried weapon which partially moves you towards a level up.
  • Dropping weapons and switching them does not cause the level to drop, any weapon you pick up will be of the last level that weapon had achieved.
  • Boost. Boost always. Boost forever. If you aren't boosting something is probably going wrong. You can play the game like a cover shooter and there are times where it is useful to do so, but keep in mind the game is designed around boosting and murder.
  • If one of your squadmates goes down, revive them and they'll give you a weapon drop. Look for the green + sign over their heads.
  • Easier weapon levelling (Taking an assault rifle as an example): Don't pick up an assault rifle if yours is half full of ammo. Instead, swap out weapons so you drop the half full assault rifle, pick up the full ammo assault rifle you originally came across, and then pick up the half ammo assault rifle you dropped. Instead of just refilling your ammo, this will help you level up. Note that you can only start doing this once weapons start appearing which are not one of your starting weapons - you can't drop a weapon if there isn't another weapon to pick up.