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  • You literally can't screw yourself out of anything important, every level is redoable and loot is random. You start choosing one outfit out of three but you can get the other two as drops or in shops.
  • Experiment with all the different weapon types, you'll probably find a combo or two that you like. Usually it's best to have a weapon that focuses on single target damage and a weapon that can dispatch mobs easily but it's not necessary.
  • Don't bother opening low-level giftboxes. Save them and upgrade them into higher level ones using the transmuter in your home base.
  • The pumpkin pies you occasionally find are used to enter a special Halloween-themed area. It's pretty high-level so going there before the endgame is pretty much a waste since your weapons just won't do the damage.
  • Don't forget you can jump (and wall-jump), quite a few secrets are accessed that way.
  • It's probably worth hoarding divine/wicked cards because they're straight upgrades and even the cards that seem useless at the beginning usually have a place in some combination.
  • Hope you like giant spiders.