Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader

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(These tips are current as of patch 1.1)


  • It’s an Owlcat game, so install Toybox as a quick fix for any sort of problems
  • Skill Checks skyrocket in difficulty in Act 3 and continue on doing so for the rest of the game
  • Strong enemies usually have stage gimmicks or a buff that can be disabled using certain powers or attack types ex. the tutorial boss will consume any on screen enemies when it takes enough damage and recover stronger then before
  • “Role Playing” is a core part of the game design, it rewards going all in on one type of alignment over mixing them up
  • Act 3 throws a massive shift in gameplay at you
  • Keep most navigation routes at yellow, it can trigger an event that gives Insight as a reward
  • Insight cannot be farmed aside from the random event
  • The "Secret" ending is much easier to achieve then previous Owlcat games

Character Creation

  • There is no significant reactivity to homeworld/origin
  • Psyker Origin is basically it’s own unique class, it can synergize with the archetypes or be the main focus for level up
  • Most companions have unique features & abilities you cannot replicate with mercenaries; Cassia especially.
  • For melee DPS, priority is Agility, Weapon Skill, Toughness
  • Strength stat is only important for equipping heavy weapons and power armor
  • Skill checks in the game are balanced assuming characters focus on 2 skills max, and taking the skill training abilities, Act 3 will see skill checks with -50 penalties and higher become common


  • There is no time limit for the main story. Some companion missions will expire if you ignore them too long.
  • There are well labeled points of no return for advancing into the next chapters
  • Early combat is cover based shooting and lasts several rounds. By Act 3 combat is about granting extra turns via abilities/heroic moments and doing extremely high damage attacks to end combat in 1-2 rounds.
  • The game is supposed to pick the best party member to use for skill checks but it will not always do that.
  • Foulstone can be converted into a colony.
  • For high damage with ranged weapons the optimal choice is a heavy bolter; despite the listed damage rate of fire is the most important factor for damage.
  • Ship combat is “optional” except you need it to level up your ship and get better equipment from the vendor. Main quest missions are often gated by a moderate difficulty ship battle to proceed
  • Itemization is not ideal for certain builds. There are no 2h force weapons in the game, and only 2 force swords (for psykers using psy attack). There is psyker specific heavy armor as well.
  • Psykers get the "until end of combat" buffs/debuffs, regular classes get "per round/until next turn" versions, and Grand Strategist set areas that buff allies/debuff enemies inside them

Level Up

  • You can find a lot of Aeldari and Drukhari equipment in later acts so those talents are useful midgame and beyond.
  • Grenadier will allow party members to use grenades at 0AP, this includes using them during extra turns
  • You don’t need to build out anything in advance except strength requirements for heavy weapons and power armor

Act 3

  • The party you take into the final story mission of Act 2 will be the only party members you have for Act 3.
  • High priority skills needed for Act 3 are social skills, and Lore:Xenos.
  • Warp attack abilities are highly valuable as they can dispel enemy buffs on hit
  • The permanent party member debuffs can be cured by turning in plot items found in the area


  • You recruit most of the companions by Act 2, an additional 2 in act 3, and then 3 secret companions in Act 4 that can join based on your alignment
  • Companions will not leave you over alignment choices until a specific late game extreme option or siding against them during a pivotal conversation
  • The Space Marine is found in Act 3, his gear is nearby. Despite his power he is a 2x2 size and can get stuck on the map. Toybox has an option to make him normal size.
  • Companion quest outcomes are flagged and will affect the companions moving forward, like “X remembers your advice” in case you want specific good endings you have to make the correct choices early on

Colony Management

  • Janus has a project that gives you an AI controlled ship ally for space battles
  • The med kits that cure traumas are highly useful for Act 3
  • Save extractiums for xenotech and flogiston early game


  • It is extremely difficult if not impossible to max all vendor reputations, focus on 2 that do not want the same high value cargo at first.
  • Converting excess consumables like medkits and stims into cargo will give a significant boosts to reputation
  • Vendor reputations increase to 35 in Act 4 with new high level equipment available
  • The Imperial Navy only takes trophies obtained from ship combat, you have to manually add them to cargo from your inventory if they don't appear as cargo
  • Vendor reputations also unlock some colony projects, and other colony projects can boost reputation as well